Customized Consultation + Research + Negotiation = Confidence

A vehicle purchase concierge will supply you with expert, customized information and advice throughout the entire vehicle leasing or purchasing process.

Allow Doug Ross to streamline the entire vehicle retail process for you! With over 30 years of diverse automotive experience, Doug Ross possesses extensive knowledge around every aspect of the vehicle retail process. He is dedicated to advising and assisting car buyers of all ages with making informed decisions to find the vehicles which best suit their transportation and financing needs.

Your Partner Throughout The Process

Client discovery and consultation:

Doug will meet with you to discuss your unique needs and preferences.

Online research, inventory, data results:

Doug will research vehicles that fit your decided parameters, check all area inventories, and compile the research data to review with you.

Retailer visits:

Doug will prepare you for your retail visits, equipped with detailed information on the processes and strategies. Doug will accompany you as a consultant as you visit retailers to shop your vehicle choices.

Pricing and dealer negotiation process with client:

When you are ready to make an offer on a vehicle, Doug will advise you on the pricing, assist you with the negotiation process, and advise on any additional products and services, at the retailer.